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BT Slow Internet: BT Wi-Fi Booster [Solution]

Wi-Fi has grown to reach millions of homes across the globe, powering billions of devices. As more and more homes connect to the internet wirelessly, there has been a growing demand for higher-quality and faster internet connections. The issue arises with the sheer number of devices connecting to nearby Wi-Fi, which have grown to upwards of 10 devices per household!

Unfortunately, as Wi-Fi usage grows, quality does not follow. Large internet providers such as BT must serve a growing line of customers, resulting in cheaper, short-range wireless setups. On top of this issue, there is the problem of having to adjust your Wi-Fi router to supply internet to every corner of your home. You may have a great signal next to the router, terrible service upstairs, and even no service in another room.

The answer to this growing problem is a BT Wi-Fi Booster. These devices act as repeaters for a Wi-Fi signal, boosting the range of your Wi-Fi. With a booster, you will be able to use stronger internet connections anywhere in your home, not as bound by walls blocking signals or routers not delivering enough power. All you need to do to use a UK Wi-Fi booster is to just plug it into the wall and link it with your router.

What do Wi-Fi boosters do?

A Wi-Fi booster (or repeater) receives your existing wireless signal, amplifying it inside the repeater, then transmitting the newly boosted signal. There should not be a difference between using a BT Wi-Fi booster and a BT Wi-Fi repeater, as both devices boost and repeat wireless signals. Boosters and repeaters alike hold two wireless routers; one receiving the signal then boosting it, while the other transmits the boosted signal. Through this technology, your Wi-Fi coverage can be almost doubled, sometimes even reaching outside the home. 

What are some advantages?

Extending your signal with a booster is not even the best part.  Using a booster or extender, in general, is much faster than using other forms of Wi-Fi extension, as they usually plug and go. Other forms of Wi-Fi extension use Ethernet cords, the often-blue cords used to transmit data. The issue lies in just that; these are cords. In addition to having a physical cord providing data to your device, most Ethernet ports require you to pass several meters worth of Ethernet cable through a drilled hole in a wall.

Using a UK Wi-Fi booster, on the other hand, only needs you to connect your router to your booster, plugging the booster into the wall. These boosters also have speed bonuses, as poorly set up alternatives can drop your speed. On top of all these benefits, you also have flexibility. You can place a Wi-Fi booster nearly anywhere, as the boosted signal can turn a weak signal into a powerful, renewed signal.

How are Wi-Fi boosters set up?

BT Wi-Fi boosters are incredibly easy to set up, only requiring an internet connection, a wall outlet, and sometimes a device with an Ethernet connection. Most boosters only need you to place a repeater in a wall outlet near to a router, then you can connect to its local network. Once connected, the only remaining step is to log into your wireless network from the router, and it will immediately get to work boosting your signal.

The alternative setup option requires an Ethernet cable and a computer. This option only requires you to connect your booster to the internet through your computer. The Ethernet cable connects it to your computer so that it can obtain the Wi-Fi information from your device. Thanks to the possibilities of a UK Wi-Fi booster, you can take one anywhere. Any place there might be a weak but present Wi-Fi signal, you can boost it for longer range and stronger output.

Thanks to the easy setup of a booster, you do not even have to connect directly to a Wi-Fi booster. Your device will automatically detect it as an extension of your Wi-Fi signal, allowing you to move about without needing to connect between your router and extender as you move about your home. While your computer recognizes it as an extension of your Wi-Fi, you can use the booster as its own Wi-Fi source, preventing your computer from connecting to a slower, more distant router.

All these benefits and more make a BT Wi-Fi Booster a great option for anyone with an internet connection, not just those with BT. Most boosters work as well with BT as any other internet provider or signal. An easy setup, quick use, portability, and fast speed are just a few of the benefits of a UK Wi-Fi booster.

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