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TalkTalk Slow Connection: TalkTalk Wi-Fi Booster [Solution]

TalkTalk is one of the largest UK internet providers with over 4 million paying customers. The company focuses on providing fibre broadband from only a few dozen pounds a month. Most subscribers do not have any problems with their services excluding poor Wi-Fi range. As TalkTalk expands, the more customers they must provide, often resulting in lesser quality Wi-Fi. 

Include the growing number of devices within a household, and you have a recipe for slower and smaller Wi-Fi ranges. There is also the issue of all the walls and corners in homes, ruining the uniform signal in front of a Wi-Fi router. Thankfully, there is the TalkTalk Wi-Fi Booster, which takes your existing Wi-Fi connection and amplifies it to extend the range and speeds of your signal throughout your home.

What is a Wi-Fi booster?

Wi-Fi boosters are devices that amplify or extend your current Wi-Fi signal. These little boxes usually plug into the wall, connect to an internet source, then transmit a stronger signal outward. The booster consists of a signal booster and transmitter inside, collecting then transmitting a stronger signal. Thanks to the usefulness of a Wi-Fi booster, they are incredibly common among internet users’ homes. 

These are used to expand your Wi-Fi network’s coverage, although they result in longer internet range and speeds at distance. In some cases, you can double your Wi-Fi coverage to pass your home. Wi-Fi boosters (or repeaters) come in several forms, although they all serve remarkably similar purposes, to expand and speed up a Wi-Fi connection.

Why choose a TalkTalk Wi-Fi booster over another extender?

TalkTalk Wi-Fi boosters are not the only Wi-Fi extender, or even booster, on the market. There are several other alternatives, although they each have major disadvantages. The most common you are likely to see is an Ethernet extender, using a cable to transfer data to another device.

Homes can have Ethernet run through the walls into different rooms for a consistent data transfer. The issue lies in the cable properties of Ethernet, as there is no wireless signal available. There is also the need to drill and run cabling through the walls of your home, which can be exceedingly difficult or expensive. Boosters on the other hand require virtually no extra expense and can act wirelessly, almost anywhere in the house.

A TalkTalk Wi-Fi booster has several important properties that make it incredibly useful. The most important aspect for many is its easy setup. All a booster needs to activate is a wall outlet and an internet connection. Once plugged into the wall, a phone, or computer must connect to the booster’s temporary Wi-Fi channel, then enter your current TalkTalk Wi-Fi credentials.

The booster then connects to the Wi-Fi router, taking data, amplifying it, then transferring it across your home. 

How do Wi-Fi boosters work?

Wi-Fi boosters such as a TalkTalk Wi-Fi booster rely on a connection to your current internet. Inside these devices are two antennae; one that connects to and boosts a router signal, as well as one that transfers the stronger signal. As these boosters only rely on power and a connection to your router, you can put them almost anywhere in the house to boost your signal.

If the booster has access to your signal, and enough power to transfer a stronger signal, then you can benefit from increased Wi-Fi speeds over an increased distance. TalkTalk Wi-Fi boosters can even work on trips, able to connect to nearly any Wi-Fi source. Yes, these boosters do not even require a TalkTalk connection, as they can boost nearly any wireless source!

Do TalkTalk Wi-Fi boosters work automatically with the internet?

One of the biggest benefits of boosters is their flexibility. Not only can you set up and move the device to virtually wherever you may want to, but it also works seamlessly. Any device connected to the network will automatically connect to and from your router and TalkTalk Wi-Fi booster, depending on which signal is most attractive to your device.

There is also the ability to directly connect to the booster, preventing your device from joining a weaker router from a far distance. The benefits of this Wi-Fi booster are attractive to any internet user, as you can receive a faster internet speed, stronger signal, further coverage, and can even boost Wi-Fi on the go. That is on top of the automatic switching between the best connection for you, and the benefits of having a TalkTalk Wi-Fi booster closer to your devices.

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